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Finds Identification Day

Have you been digging in the garden or walking in the countryside and found an unusual object?  Visitors to Wellington Museum on Wednesday 18th July have an unrivalled opportunity to get a professional opinion on their archaeological discoveries from the garden or local countryside.  Somerset County Council’s Finds Liaison Officer, Laura Burnett, will be on hand to identify and record your items, such as old coins, shards of pottery or metal objects.  The event is part of the Festival of British Archaeology, coordinated by the Council for British Archaeology, celebrating archaeology for all and encouraging people to get involved in archaeology.  

Colin Spackman, Museum Curator, said “Wellington and it’s surrounding area has a rich archaeological past and we often hear from people who have dug up interesting finds in their garden or found items while out walking.”


The event, which is free, is taking place between 4.00pm and 7.00pm in the Museum, which is located opposite Lloyds Bank on Fore Street in Wellington.

Armada Chest

HSBC has extended the use of its picture of the Museum's armada chest.  It has appeared in a TV advert and their literature.  Also, the next time you walk past a branch of HSBC anywhere in the country, pause for a moment and look at the cash point screen.  In the short cycle of images, you may see one of Wellington Museum's armada chests.

Museum Visitors

This year, the Museum has seen a significant increase in the number of visitors.  One contribution to the increase in visitors was Beech Grove School's project for some of their pupils to investigate the history of their house and their street.  The museum stewards were able to help out by using the growing collection of reference material.  

Visit by Minehead U3A

A group of 15 members of Minehead U3A who are interested in the woolen industry in the West Country paid a visit to the Museum in early July.  After Richard Fox had given the group a visit to the Basins and then a talk on Fox Brothers, the group spent the afternoon looking through the Museum's collection of Fox Brothers artefacts and then toured the Museum itself.

Wellington chest on banking website

An artefact from Wellington Museum is being featured on the HSBC website.  On the HSBC homepage click 'online security' and the picture featured on that page is of the Museum's Armada Chest.  The chest is over 300 years old.  It was originally used by Fox Brothers and was still in their boardroom in 2001 when the boardroom's contents were auctioned off.  The Museum purchased the chest at the auction.  The museum was approached earlier this year by a London-based photography agency which had been commissioned by HSBC to find and photograph an Armada Chest.  The chest owned by the Museum was selected because it is in good repair and it has an interesting locking mechanism.  The photographic agency had seen the chest on the Museum's website.  The chest with its intricate locking mechanism and original key is on view in the Museum together with the picture of it in Fox's boardroom in 1999.

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